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How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

For most healthy patients, Dr. Karian recommends that you have a thorough professional cleaning every six months, or twice per year. Patients who are keeping gum disease under control may need three or four cleanings throughout the year to maintain their condition as there is no cure for gum disease. 

Your cleaning is essential because your dental hygienist has the skills to remove plaque buildup that you might have overlooked during your brushing at home. Tartar is plaque that has calcified or hardened to the point that makes it impossible to remove with just brushing or flossing alone. It has to be scraped away with the tools your hygienist uses.

The time spent with your hygienist is also great for asking questions about products or techniques that might improve your home care routine. For example, your hygienist might recommend that you switch to an electric toothbrush if you haven't already done so. An electric toothbrush does the hard work of brushing for you while ensuring that you're gentle around your delicate gum tissue. It also times your brushing session to ensure that you're completing the recommended two minutes. 

Is it time for your next cleaning and checkup? This appointment is the most simple and straightforward way to protect your dental health. Call your Middletown dentist today to schedule your next appointment.

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