Crowns and Bridges

Even people who are diligent about taking care of their oral health with consistent visits to their dentist and daily brushing and flossing can run into problems with their teeth. Sometimes a stray popcorn kernel or a delicious piece of peanut brittle can cause a tooth to fracture, and now you have a tooth in need of a repair.

Fortunately, Middletown dentist Dr. Peter Karian offers excellent solutions whether it’s a tooth repair or even replacement that you need.

Why It’s Important to Restore Your Tooth

A missing or broken tooth means that your other teeth are taking on the workload of chewing and eating that they were not designed for. For example, you may find yourself chewing on only one side of your mouth, and now it’s increasingly more difficult to enjoy the foods you used to love.

Tooth loss can impact your appearance, your speech, and it can even allow your teeth to drift.

Restoring a broken or lost tooth ensures that you can eat and chew with ease, protects your dental health, and restores your appearance and your confidence.

Tooth Crowns Restore Your Smile

A dental crown covers your whole tooth, unlike a filling that restores only a small portion of it. Dr. Karian typically recommends tooth crowns in these situations:

  • When an old dental filling breaks down
  • To restore a tooth treated with a root canal
  • To repair a cracked or broken tooth
  • As a restoration for a tooth implant
  • To restore a tooth severely damaged by decay

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is an option for replacing a missing tooth for patients who might not be candidates for a tooth implant. A bridge relies on dental crowns as anchors for an artificial tooth in between. Typically made of ceramic porcelain, a bridge is customized to blend naturally with your smile.

Completing a Tooth Crown or Dental Bridge

The process for completing a dental crown or bridge is relatively similar and straightforward. It requires two visits with Dr. Karian. During the first visit, Dr. Karian prepares your smile for your crown or bridge by creating temporary versions of your restoration and taking impressions of your teeth. Then we send the impressions to a trusted dental lab where your crown or bridge is handcrafted.

After two to three weeks, when your final restoration is ready, you’ll return to Summit Dental to have it permanently placed. Now you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully functioning smile you can rely on.

Learn More at Summit Dental

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