Dentures & Partials

When you’re living with the loss of multiple teeth, daily activities that most of us take for granted, like eating and talking with other people become challenging. Missing teeth change your facial structure and can make you appear older than you are. It is also more difficult, and sometimes even painful, trying to eat the foods you love with uncomfortable gaps in your teeth.

The good news is that full or partial dentures offer solutions for restoring both beauty and function to your smile, whether or not you still have healthy teeth remaining.

Dentures Provide Options to Meet Your Needs

There are three different types of dentures in Middletown, and Dr. Karian will help you select the appliance that’s right for you, depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Partial Dentures: This removable appliance is ideal for patients who are missing multiple teeth, yet still have many healthy teeth remaining. A partial denture works much like a retainer and uses clasps to your remaining teeth to stay in place. Artificial teeth are attached to the appliance wherever they are needed to complete your smile.

Full Dentures: A traditional complete denture is also a removable appliance, typically made from acrylic and designed to replace your entire arch of missing teeth. It uses a comfortable, yet snug fit and suction to stay in place and is designed to complement your skin tone and complete your facial structure.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Tooth implants can also be used to support dentures that are designed to attach to them. The denture may no longer be removable; however, the patient also doesn’t have to worry about embarrassing movement or slippage during talking or eating. Dental implants also provide the added benefit of keeping the jawbone healthy, which prevents the bone loss that occurs from supporting a traditional denture. Healthy bone also ensures better longevity for your denture.

These Are Not Your Grandparents Dentures

Choosing to replace your teeth with dentures is a big decision. You can rest assured that today’s dentures provide more options and a better look and feel than dentures that your parents or grandparents wore in the past.

Dr. Karian works closely with the dental lab to design and create dentures that are specific to each unique patient’s own features to ensure that your new smile looks beautiful, natural and that it provides the best fit possible. You will enjoy having all the function you used to have with your natural teeth and a smile that you feel proud of sharing with others again.

If it’s time for you to start considering solutions for your missing teeth, we invite you to call Summit Dental today at (302) 376-1500 and get started learning what’s possible for your smile.