Many adults live with a less than perfect smile that is marred by crowded or crooked teeth because they don’t want to endure wearing braces to straighten their teeth. Your interactions with other people are impacted when you don’t feel confident about smiling. It could also cause them to form the wrong impression about you.

The great news is there are solutions for straightening your teeth with both efficiency and discretion. Dr. Peter Karian is a certified Invisalign dentist in Middletown, DE who can help you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile with invisible braces.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Imagine straightening your teeth without anyone ever noticing!

Instead of applying brackets and wires to your teeth, Invisalign® uses a series of custom plastic trays that are designed to move your teeth gradually into alignment. Your aligners are created based on Dr. Karian’s specifications and treatment plan for your smile.

Because the trays are clear and provide a tight and secure fit, they are also virtually invisible. The plastic makes them smooth and comfortable to wear so you don’t have to endure the discomfort that braces can cause. 

Why Invisalign® Is an Excellent Choice for Adults

Invisalign works best for adult and teen patients who can wear their aligners consistently for at least 22 hours each day and change them every two weeks.

Since aligners are removable, there are no restrictions to your diet, so you can enjoy all the food you normally love throughout your treatment with Invisalign. It’s also much easier to brush and floss your teeth daily with removable aligners without the worry of cleaning around brackets and wires.

Treatment with Invisalign is also efficient for patients who are compliant since we can complete most cases in 12 to 15 months.

Why Crooked Teeth Should Be Straightened

Besides diminishing your confidence, crooked teeth also impact your dental health. Teeth that are crowded can be difficult to properly brush and floss. When you can’t keep your teeth clean, you may find yourself developing more issues like cavities or gum disease.

Crooked teeth also mean a misaligned bite. A bite that does not line up correctly can lead to fractured teeth and painful issues with your jaw joint.

Straightening your teeth boosts not only your confidence, but it also protects your oral health.

How Can I Get Started?

Would you like to learn more about Invisalign in Middletown? The path to a straighter more attractive smile is just a phone call away! Dr. Karian would love the opportunity to perform an evaluation of your teeth and help determine if Invisalign can help you achieve your goals.

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