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Are dental x-rays safe and necessary?

Dental x-rays give Dr. Karian the inside view of your teeth, jaw, and bone that he needs to make the best diagnosis of any concerns that may be happening in your mouth. At every routine dental examination, he looks at your teeth and mouth thoroughly; however, x-rays allow him to detect concerns like tooth decay even earlier than an exam with the naked eye.

Dr. Karian recommends that dental x-rays (bitewings) be updated once a year to help him monitor your oral health. If you are having pain or an issue with a particular tooth, he may use a more specific x-ray (periapical) of just that tooth to help him determine exactly what's bothering it. X-rays can help him decide the best course of action for a problem tooth. 

Dental x-rays are perfectly safe for our patients as they emit much less radiation than other types of x-rays. Dr. Karian also uses a covering that protects patients during the x-ray process. The benefits of having x-rays updated once a year far outweighs the small amount of radiation you're exposed to for only a few seconds.

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